So what do these beautiful individuals have in common?

Health, Vitality and Rosehip Oil! (and of course great genes) The likes of the ever so suave David Gandy, Australian supermodel, Founder of Kora Organics and yummy mum Miranda Kerr, as well as the Princess of Cambridge herself, Kate Middleton all swear by Rosehip Oil as their skincare staple. Before we go any further, consider that comparison is the evil enemy here, and don't be threatened by such blessed genes.  Note to Men: sorry to inform, Gandy's cheekbones weren't chiselled over night, and ladies, Miranda's dimples and luscious legs weren't a result of a one product wonder. Embrace yourself and your little quirks, confidence is beautiful, happiness is magical.

Anyway, after that inspiring (I hope) pep talk,.. back to the beauty and skincare powerhouse. Rosehip Oil helps to master moisture by retrieving skin back to its former glory, zapping away hyperpigmentation left over from acne scars, or simply lightening sun and age spots. Our ROSEHIP SEED FACE TREATMENT OIL is perfect for this, and a true celeb fave as it contains 100% pure rosa moschata (rose hip) seed oil wild harvested in the remote high altitude Himalayas.

Our ladies in the mountains of the Kullu Lahaul Spiti Valley forage these gorgeous wine coloured rosehip seed pods, which they then bring home to hort sort and dry them in the crisp mountain air. These are then collected and extracted in the cleanest, purest form of COor the supercritical method of extraction, is environmentally friendly, green and the workers who arent exposed to noxious fumes of hexane and harsh solvents which are typically used to extract essential oils! Our rosehip seed oil is naturally preserved, and pure and has the most amazing honey golden hue. 

Rosehip seed oil has multiple uses, on its own or mixed with other ingredients. It is chock full of anti-oxidants, essential fatty acids Oleic, Palmitic, and Linoleic which are wonderful for skin and hair health and rich in vitamins A and C. Our much loved ingredients of seabuckthorn berry and rosehip oil make the ultimate luxurious combo in our WILD ROSE & SEABUCK FACE CREAM.

Rose (Rosa Damascena)

Rose Damascena. Not only does it smell amazing and look beautiful, it also benefits our skin would you believe. Alert Rosacea sufferers!  I introduce you to your skin warrior. Not only will it destroy any resemblance of skin redness and inflammation, it also fixes those broken capillaries you over exfoliated. Your skin confidence will come racing back once you invest in this beautifying flower ingredient. Say au revoir to negativity with this delightful perfume that awakens the senses.

PUREFACT: It takes around 100 kilos/220 lbs of rose petals to produce simply 1.oz of pure Rose Damascena essential oil! Wow! This is why Rose is considered the 'Queen of Flowers' and is one of the most precious scents. I hope that's now convinced you about by the powers of Rose, no? ..Then you should have a look at our ILLUMINE FACE ELIXIR . It is our little secret to radiant, luminous skin. Small but mighty, this bottle is loaded with our fave ingredients; the beauty berry Seabuckthorn and miraculous Rosehip seed oil that will provide skin with immense hydration and scavenge free radicals! Also tremendous for pimples, blemishes and pigmentation. Infused with Neroli and Frankincense essential oil, this Elixir leaving skin smooth, calm and comforted. Forget primers ladies, this acts as a superb make up base!

Here, our ladies admire the beautiful rose damascena petals they delicately hand picked, and sorted, ready to be steam distilled in a wood fired factory free unit. Don't worry, the perfectly potent smell stays intact after the process of steal distillation, which is what gives each of our skin treats that rare, distinct scent of rose damascena. Now we've established its facial benefits why not pamper your under eyes! With Rosa Damascena water, Camomila, Cucumber and Aloe Vera as the main ingredients in our CAMOMILA EYE SERUM, say farewell to tired eyes, dark circles, and puffiness, while protecting this delicate area. While we're on the talk of rose water, lets establish the saint of all facial mists, (well, in our opinion :)) Our  WILD ROSE HIMALAYAN MIST 100% pure rose water, left over from the steam distillation process is renowned for its anti-aging benefits. Did we mention that heavenly scent! Helps with tightening pores, hydrating and restoring skins natural PH. The fragrance of this wonder flower also relieves signs of depression by pacifying Pitta skin types. Now for you foodie lovers out there..

PUREFACT: Rose is indeed edible! Add it to your ice pops or some rose water to your salads for a delicious concoction of taste and scent. We adore Our Food Stories decadent Rose Pistachio cake recipe, an inventive and elegant way to transform a lifeless desert with the benefits of being guilt and gluten free!

Control those now grumbling stomachs by ingesting some of our WILD ROSE & MINT TEA Infusion, which is exploding with anti-oxidants and essential Vitamins C, D,  A, and E to help nourish and purify our insides. With Mint's soothing and cooling benefits, this delicious tea helps to relieve signs of indigestion and fight off stomach and bladder problems. your immune systems will LOVE you, we promise. 

More scientific facts on these wonderful ingredients here; Rosehip Seed Oil: http://hbmag.com/rosehip-seed-oil/Rose Damascena: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3586833/ Photos taken by: Purearth,  Kinfolk , Our Food Stories  

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