The uber cool Zen Garden at Caelum Greene, Hong Kong’s newest athleisure/wellness space was the perfect setting for my Masque Masterclass. Sharing skincare rituals with green beauties in intimate small workshops over the weekend was pure joy! If you missed out and are feeling experimental, go on, indulge your skin with my concoction of beautiful raw ingredients and learn how to get your inner Goddess glow! Read on…


Bitter Apricot Oil                                                     Fuller’s Earth 
Virgin Coconut Oil                                                 Bitter apricot kernel powder 
Raw Honey                                                             Raw organic Cacao powder 
Organic Milk                                                          Biodynamic organic Vedic Turmeric 
Lavender Essential Oil                                          Raw organic Maca powder
Bentonite Clay 


: The wonderful thing about this Masque Masterclass is that most of these ingredients can easily be found in your kitchen or local superfoods store. They’re clean, green, organic and sustainable, just the way we like them! So what exactly are the benefits of these superfoods and why are they so amazing for your skin?

BENTONITE CLAY is mined from the earth, it forms when volcanic ash has weathered and aged in the presence of water. If you’re looking to use an ingredient to reconnect with the world around you, bentonite clay is your guy! It acts like a magnet on the skin by pulling out any nasty toxins that lie underneath.

FULLERS EARTH also known as multani mitti is one of natures little gifts! It helps to remove scars and absorbs excess oil from the skin. It’s a mine lode of goodness – great for clearing and soothing acenic, congested skin.

ORGANIC CACAO in its raw, unbleached, undeodorised form is a wonder for those who suffer with eczema. It works by alleviating the skin of those itchy blotches.

BITTER APRICOT is renowned for its skin nourishing benefits. It helps to revitalize and soothe the skin by providing a smooth, none-greasy feel. Perfect for those with the Ayurvedic skin type skin type known as kapha or oily skin.

RAW MACA POWDER is not only wonderful to skin, but it also promotes a little magic in other places too as it is said to give your libido a little boost. This detoxifying miracle worker is an all round beauty!

TUMERIC is a lustful antioxidant that works as a fairness and antibacterial agent. It helps to fight acne and reduces oil secretion by the sebaceous glands. We have a lot of love for this incredibly special ingredient that’s having a superhero moment of late in the beauty and wellness world!

Our ladies were a wee worried that their face would turn yellow with the turmeric. But rest assured, it comes off with one wash, leaving a radiant glow on any skin tone. 

RAW HONEY is also antibacterial, so it’s a natural way to help prevent and combat acne. A humectant it attracts and retains moisture on skin. Not only that but it slows down the aging process and gives your complexion a fabulous boost by moisturizing and soothing. Fancy a radiant dewy glow without using highlighter? Why not!

ORGANIC MILK and raw honey go together like 2 peas in a pod! They combine forces and become a super cleanser, enhancing each others natural powers.

LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL Lavender derives from the Latin Lavre, which means “to wash”. It eliminates nervous tension, relieves pain, disinfects the skin and enhances blood circulation. Oh, and that’s not forgetting the fact that is just smells so dreamy!

CACAO POWDER has just the right levels of vitamin C and magnesium, which helps in protecting the skin and keeping it healthy. It is also a natural mood elevator and anti-depressant, making you feel good on the inside and look radiant on the outside.

VIRGIN COCONUT OIL they say drinking water is beauty best kept secret. But if you really want to amp hydration, virgin coconut oil is the key to success!

Simply mix your ingredients together until it forms into a luscious paste, a bit like mayonnaise. Apply to your skin using a brush, sit back andyou’re your skin soak up the yummy goodness. After 20 minutes of me-time, exfoliate with your fingers and wash of with cold water. If you’re feeling experimental, you can try adding in oats, chickpea flour or any essential oils for that personalized touch. Keep playing and find out which concoction best works for you! Attend the Masterclass and you can bottle up your creation in an exquisite French violet glass jar and take it home.

Over Genie Juicery’s green smoothies and Charlotte’s home baked cakes and sandwiches, we bantered about the importance of green beauty and making the change to clean and sustainable ingredients in our skincare rituals. But it wasn’t just the ladies that got in on the action either, guys had their first experience with facemasks and they couldn’t believe how clean and soothed their skin felt. The next day many remarked how their inflamed skin felt calm and soothed. Its always the best part of my work, building a community of green skincare lovers and seeing a visible change in their approach to organic natural skincare. 


5 classes. One weekend. And we were sold out within 24 hours of invitations going out! I cannot wait to share my beauty treats with more of you! We have Master classes coming up in Bangalore and Dubai so stay tuned and sign up to my newsletter to get exclusive invitations and updates on such special events.

Credits: Photography by Kavita Khosa & Lesley Anne Singh. Videography by Borris Berghes.

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