We all grumble about our hair, especially now, with stress, pollution, and a poor diet. Nobody is ever completely happy with their hair's health. A curly-haired girl will always worry about frizz, a straight-haired girl will always complain about volume, and someone will always whine about thinning, dandruff, and dryness. Phew! The never-ending list of hair problems. There's a magical element that's been hidden in plain sight, for the hair problems that are bothering you - KESHA FORTIFYING HAIR OIL.

The Neon Pink Kesha hydrates the scalp and hair follicles deeply, preventing dandruff and healing dry, damaged hair. With regular application, hair regains strength, lustre, volume, and gloss. 

Cold-pressed Himalayan, hemp, apricot, and castor seed oils nourish hair, with a synergistic blend of nigella (kalonji), jatamansi, bhringraj, and nagarmotha, amongst a complex of other Ayurvedic herbs, helps recover lush, glossy locks patient and constant application.

We’d like to introduce to Shirobhyanga - the art of an Ayurvedic hair and scalp oil massage 

We encourage you to celebrate Devi Shakti - feminine energy - by using our Kesha, a sacred ritual invoking divinity with a specific Durga Devi Mantra that our ancestors believed would promote long, strong, and beautiful locks.

What is the KESHA RITUAL?

  1. Warm 10 – 15 ml in a bowl and apply from roots to the entire length of the hair shaft
  2. Massage every inch of the scalp vigorously and in quick zig zag motion for 5 - 30 minutes
  3. Twist into sections and pull away from scalp to enhance blood and oxygen flow to the brain to stimulate hair growth
  4. Leave on for an hour or overnight as a weekly deep treatment – before washing off thoroughly
  5. Work a few drops into damp hair as a leave-in treatment serum to tame frizz.

Immerse your spirit and senses in the vibrations as you chant this Devi Durga mantra. Sound bathing in mantras radiates a powerful, palpable energy that stokes the fire and light within (tejas and ojas) while restoring good sleep, calm and wellbeing. 

Om Aim Vaga Devyai ca Vidmahe

Kama Rajaya Dhimahi

Tanno Devi Pracho Dayat॥

Chant 108 times while oiling your hair (shirobhyanga), in the shower or whilst bathing.

While you may not be able to manage the causes of hair problems, you may attempt to repair the damage and protect your hair from additional harm. Our Kesha will be your BFF in this journey of hair care. Purearth aims to provide you with nothing but the best for your hair through Ayurvedic methods.

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