Meet MINI!

“These are time tested, botanical elixirs, so if you’re tuned in to your body, you will naturally tune in to purity whether on your skin or in your body. Each carefully extracted ingredient or oil holds a story as they can be generations old even timeless like Yoga or Ayurveda. The elements of beautiful bottling, the outcome through the art and science of beauty leaves the skin luxurious specially for aging skin and pigmentation. I embrace tradition in most things concerning day to day living and appreciate highly an effort for ethical, sustainable, responsibly sourced products, while giving back to make lives of the community of growers and rural women and taking them along.” - MINI THAPAR SHASTRI

It gives us immense pleasure to announce Mini, found of Om Yoga Shala, New Delhi as our first honorary Brand Ambassador. She’s a repository of holistic wellness knowledge and her conscious approach to living embraces nature and sustainability.

Having taught yoga for almost two decades, she strives towards a harmonious physical and mental plane, something that we wholeheartedly subscribe to, drawing from the Indian science and philosophy of Ayurveda to create time-honored remedies for contemporary living.

 As our Brand Ambassador Mini will work with us to propagate awareness of a clean, green and ethical approach to skincare and wellness. 

We’re excited to welcome Mini to the Purearth family x

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