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Our proprietary Ayurvedic, certified organic supplements offer nourishment for a beautiful complexion and brilliant mind. It is prepared in the ancient “bhavana rasayana” method for maximum bioavailable potency. 

The illustration of Ashwini, a constellation symbolized by a celestial wild horse, evokes brilliance, luminosity & intellect.

Combining over 100 years of research and expertise, formulated exclusively for Purearth by the world’s foremost authorities on Ayurveda. 100% certified organic and lab tested for toxicity & heavy metals. Made in India. 


Consume two capsules daily.

Our Supplement Ashwini has actively shown to-
+ Promote collagen, reduce pigmentation, brighten & refine skin*
+ Fight inflammation, boost metabolism, aid internal cleansing*
+ Improve sleep, memory & concentration as a rejuvenate nervine tonic.

Amalaki has cooling energy and is hence useful in the treatment of high Pitta diseases like acne, pimples, skin rashes and allergy. Skin is directly related with (rasa dhatu) plasma and (rakta dhatu) blood. Amalaki removes (ama) toxins from both these tissues and hence it is useful for enhancing beauty. It nourishes skin directly. It is an important herb for improving luster and elasticity of the skin. It supports healthy metabolism, digestion, and elimination. It is mild laxative also, that assists natural internal cleansing and maintains regularity. The fruit is considered as rasayana which is one of the best anti-ageing herbs.

Sariva or Anantmool - The root has cooling energy and hence useful in treating many Pitta imbalance diseases. It is excellent blood purifier hence good for treating varieties of skin conditions mainly due to high Pitta. Also it is useful in skin rashes, itching and is useful as rejuvenation therapy in children and during pregnancy. Regular intake of sariva by pregnant women from 3rd month till 7th month is advised for having good progeny with beautiful skin. In men it improves the quality of (shukra dhatu) reproductive tissue and corrects sperm quality and quantity.

Jatamansi – It is very much useful in all high Vata disorders of nerves and brain. Hence used in (anidra) insomnia, (apasmara) epilepsy, hysteria and convulsions. It is not only nervine tonic but best (medhya rasayana). It is a rejuvenate tonic for Brain that is useful in increasing (smruti) memory and (dhi) intelligence. Also calms down brain and manages anxiety. It is excellent herb for treating depression and stress. It is helpful for reducing stress and strain and hence is indirectly useful for reducing high blood pressure. It is considered mood improver.
Energetic principles- Bitter, astringent, sweet taste and cold potency

Mandukparni – It has cooling energy and good for treating Pitta diseases of skin like treatment of skin rashes, pimples, eczema and psoriasis. It is considered as best (medhya rasayana) that increases (smruti) memory and (dhi) intelligence. It is very helpful herb in reducing (vismruti) dementia and hence used in Alzheimer’s disease. Also useful in (anidra) insomnia and (chinta) stress and hence indirectly useful in conditions like high blood pressure.

Turmeric – The rhizome is mainly used for improving skin luster. For this purpose it can be used externally as well as internally by mixing it with milk. It has property of wound healing. When powder is applied to fresh wound, it helps to stop bleeding immediately and then helps to heal the wound. It is also useful as blood purifier hence used for treating skin rashes, pimples and boils. The latest research has proven its efficacy for preventing breast cancer.

Amalaki (fruit) emblica officinalis, Jatamansi (root) nardostachys jatamansi, Mandukaparni (leaves) centella asiatica, Sariva (root) hemidesmus indicus
Turmeric (rhizome) curcuma longa.

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