Its all about balance! Find your rhythm, spoon the seasons with sensible lifestyle choices as day follows night, and seasons give way to one another...

Ritucharya & Dinacharya

Ayurvedic daily routines sync with the seasons and have long stood the test of time. Ayurveda prescribes lifestyle and dietary choices based on the shift of seasons, guiding us in preserving essential balance. Vata, Pitta and Kapha - when these energies are in harmony, we find an overall sense of wellbeing. Circadian cycles of sleep, eating habits and lifestyle choices can all balance or throw our systems out of whack!

Daily routines anyway offer a sense of stability - simplifying life, keeping us grounded and making our days somehow less complicated. The ancient wisdom of Ayurveda emphasizes that balance between the mind, body and soul is the key to health and wellness, which play a vital role in our overall happiness!

Our body is a microcosm, and the universe, a macrocosm. Our bodily constitution (Doshas) and the seasons are intimately related. Naturally, seasonal changes have a profound effect on our health. Classic Ayurvedic texts like Ashtanga Hridayam prescribe daily guidelines for seasonal adaptation. We must stay balanced not only through each individual season, but more importantly during change of season. This is when our body is most susceptible to illness and dis-ease.

I love brewing a cup of tisane (tisanes and teas are quite different and more on this in another story:)) as the morning light filters in. The waft of flower and botanical aromas always reminds me of my childhood and the smell of moist fresh earth after the first monsoon rains. They say a cup of tea makes everything better… well indeed it does and nothing could be truer! I feel tranquil, primed for each day and ultimately for each season, protected from unwanted fluctuations within and without.

Purearth's whole leaf tisanes are wild harvested and hand sorted in the pristine Himalayas by our wonderful womenfolk. Our detoxifying Wild Nettle tisane infusion works wonders to purify blood and clear up skin disorders, while our immunity defense Wild Rosehip & Mint is supercharged with anti oxidants and fights free radicals. Stress relieving Tulsi offers a sense of calm, and is renowned in Ayurveda as an adaptogenic stress buster! 

Our tisanes are chock full of rich minerals that balance you mentally and physically and emotionally. Balance through seasonal shifts is key and a regular routine offers just that. 

Teatox Ritual: Add a teaspoon of one of our tisanes to your favourite pot, filled with freshly boiled water. Leave to brew for around 3-4 minutes, allowing the herbs to infuse in he water and release their delicately fresh, aromatic notes. Allow yourself the luxury to sit back, take a pause and sip with serenity. 

Summer: The Pitta Season

 Heat, extended bright sun, intensity, natural transformation – these are the characteristics of summer. Despite some climates being humid during this time year, the cumulative effect of striking heat is dryness, therefore summer is considered a hot dry season. We want to tailor our summer behaviour to avoid over-accumulation of summer qualities.

Our primary focus during this season is to keep Pitta balanced by staying cool, mellowing intensity with relaxation and grounding energy. Our Tulsi stress relieving tisane infusion is fabulous in aiding Pitta balance. Eat lightly during this season to minimise digestive heat within – fresh fruits and salads are a wonderful option. Wild Rosehip & Mint cools the system in the summertime.

At Purearth, our herbs are hand-picked and shade-dried in the pristine, high altitude Himalayas. Our women self-help groups carefully gather these precious leaves, roots and pods, offering ethical and sustainably luxurious wellness in your hands. Our Ayurvedic tisanes nourish the mind, body and spirit, allow you to indulge in conscious consumption.

Indulge in tranquil moments to reflect or enjoy over conversation and company as you savour our fine herbal tisanes.

Photo credits: Kavita Khosa. Shot at our farm studio India & Ladakh, Himalayas. 

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